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Whether you want to learn Italian, travel to Italy, to communicate with Italian relatives, for further study, to connect with your heritage, for your career, or just for fun, IATI is Wollongong’s Italian language specialists.

Beginners’ courses are designed for those who would like to gain a basic understanding of Italian, use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases for general communication (introduce yourself and others and ask and answer questions about personal details such as where you live, people you know and things that you do).

When you reach intermediate level, it means that you already have the ability to use Italian in communicating your ideas and you can understand the language with some ease.



Our Italian courses are designed to develop and promote Italian culture and language skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our classroom is located in Stewart Street in Wollongong

Our Teachers  

The Illawarra Association of Teachers of Italian has a decennial experience in teaching  Italian.

We offer:

· native speaker teachers

· specific teaching strategies for adults

· small group classes

“Small class which gave me a great opportunity to speak the language more. Learnt a lot. Fantastic. The teacher was very friendly and patient. She explained the subject very well and checked our levels of understanding."


Antonio - Beginner level


"I learned so much, greatly improving my Italian grammar and my speaking and comprehension skills The classes incorporate a variety of lessons--grammar, group discussions -and the time passes very quickly.

The teacher is amazing, always finding new ways to help us learn Italian."


Michelle - Intermediate level


"Very enjoyable class, adapted to everyone’s needs, learned at lot in a short time without it been stressful.”

John-  Pre-intermediate level


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